New Port of Veracruz

One of the deployed buoys outside the New Port of Veracruz

The Port Authority of Veracruz S.A. (APIVER), began in 2015 with the construction of the New Port of Veracruz, which represents the most ambitious port expansion project in Mexico for 100 years.

The New Port of Veracruz is built in full care of its natural environment and especially the nearby coral reefs, belonging to the protected marine area Parque Nacional Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano.

Through the company Argo Consultores Ambientales, they have monitored sediment dynamics since 2015. Current data from multiple AOS systems are exported via our JSON API and used to construct real-time stream and sediment concentration maps that represent the main management tool for preventing sediment damage to coral reefs of the PNSAV.

Interpolated map with current data from 4 AOS systems.

Screenshot of the AOS powered public web site

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AOS Buoy Brochure

The AOS buoy is a robust light weight buoy specifically made for the AOS product.

Diameter 400 mm
Length 2500 mm
Weight ~40 kg
Material Polyethylene (PE)
Buoyancy 215 kg
Max wave heights 2.0 m
Max current 1.0 m/s
Max deployment depth 150 m
AOS Tube

The AOS unit controls the sensors and transfers the collected data via satellite.

Std. temperature range -25 – 60 °C
Voltage input 9 - 15V
Battery Externally powered
Sleep mode 1.3mA@12V
Data transmit interval ≥ 5min
Data products GPS position, battery and tempearture
Aquadopp Profiler Brochure

The Aquadopp Profiler measures water column current profiles using acoustic Doppler technology.

Acoustic frequency 0.4MHz 0.6MHz 1.0MHz 2.0MHz
Maximum profiling range 60 - 90m 30 - 40m 12 - 20m 4 - 10m
Cell size 2 - 8m 1 - 4m 0.3 - 4m 0.1 - 2m
Accuracy 1% of measured value ±0.5cm/s
Data products Speed, Direction, Sensor data
Cell zero No Optional Optional No
Cell zero acoustic frequency 2.0MHz