Tracking drifting ice

David Barber, Centre for Earth Observation Science, University of Manitoba

Researchers at the University of Manitoba deployed an AOS with a current profiler for real-time monitoring on the arctic ice. The data was used to support research on the distribution and motion of hazardous ice features in the Canadian Arctic.

Since the observation site was so remote, there was no chance to recover the equipment at the end of the project. This necessitated data telemetry of ocean current measurements from one of the most hostile and remote locations on the Earth.

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The AOS unit controls the sensors and transfers the collected data via satellite.

Std. temperature range -25 – 60 °C
Voltage input 9 - 15V
Battery 300 Wh
Sleep mode 1.3mA@12V
Data transmit interval ≥ 5min
Data products GPS position, battery and tempearture
Aquadopp Profiler Brochure

The Aquadopp Profiler measures water column current profiles using acoustic Doppler technology.

Acoustic frequency 0.4MHz 0.6MHz 1.0MHz 2.0MHz
Maximum profiling range 60 - 90m 30 - 40m 12 - 20m 4 - 10m
Cell size 2 - 8m 1 - 4m 0.3 - 4m 0.1 - 2m
Accuracy 1% of measured value ±0.5cm/s
Data products Speed, Direction, Sensor data
Cell zero No Optional Optional No
Cell zero acoustic frequency 2.0MHz