Photo: John Aavitsland

Steilene Weather Station

Technicians from Nortek deploying the AWAC just outside the island.

For the population of Oslo we are running a public available weather station. The value of this station has long been recognized by mariners and recreational boaters alike.

The station is setup on Fyrsteilene, a small island in the Oslo Fjord, and has been operational since 2008. The station is powered by solar cells and as a result it requires almost no maintenance.

Screenshot of the AOS powered public web site

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The AOS unit controls the sensors and transfers the collected data via satellite.

Std. temperature range -25 – 60 °C
Voltage input 9 - 15V
Battery 300 Wh
Sleep mode 1.3mA@12V
Data transmit interval ≥ 5min
Data products GPS position, battery and tempearture
AWAC with Prolog Brochure

The AWAC measures a wide range of wave parameters as well as full current profiles at a large number of discrete levels.

Acoustic frequency 400 kHz 600 kHz 1 MHz
Maximum profiling range 100m 50m 30m
Cell size 1.00 - 8.0m 0.50 - 8.0m 0.25 - 4.0m
Number of cells 1 - 40
Accuracy 1% of measured value ±0.5cm/s
Data products Waves (Direction, height & period)
Current profiling (Speed & Direction)
Weather station Brochure

The instrument measures a wide range of meteorological data.

Brand Vaisala WXT530
Wind 3 ultra sonic sensors
Sampling rate 4 MHz
Precipitation Piezoelectric sensor
PTU module RC oscillator and two reference capacitors
Data products Wind, atmospheric pressure, temperature, precipitation & humidity