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WAVCIS Coastal studies

Jacob Marcel, Dr. Chunyan Li and Brian Milan from the WAVCIS team

WAVCIS (wave-current information system) is a state-of-the-art monitoring program to provide oceanographic and meteorological conditions on a real time basis around the Louisiana coast. The collected data supports studies of the barrier island and wetland restoration projects (e.g., CWPPRA), and can be used to assist in decision making during storm threats or oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

With the AWAC 2D the researchers are able to look at subtidal exchange flows in a system with direct connection to the coastal ocean.

The fact that the AOS system is easy to use and can be deployed without divers is of great value to the team. This makes it well suited for deployment in areas that are heavily fished or areas with strong flow and deep scouring holes.

Since the AOS offers remote configuration from the web application, they are also able to adjust the sampling frequency in anticipation of tropical storms or strong cold front passages.

Screenshot of the AOS powered web site

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The AOS unit controls the sensors and transfers the collected data via satellite.

Std. temperature range -25 – 60 °C
Voltage input 9 - 15V
Battery 300 Wh
Sleep mode 1.3mA@12V
Data transmit interval ≥ 5min
Data products GPS position, battery and tempearture
AWAC 2D Brochure

The AWAC 2D measures horizontal current profiles using acoustic Doppler technology.

Acoustic frequency 400 kHz
Maximum profiling range 100 - 130m
Cell size 1 - 8m
Number of cells 1 - 40
Accuracy 1% of measured value ±0.5cm/s
Data products Horizontal current profiling (Speed & Direction)
Other sensors Temperature, Compass, Tilt, Pressure